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What is Chaiyil? Chaiyil is an international community of Jewish women led by world-renowned Torah teacher Chaya Hinda Allen. Members receive an 15-minute installment of Chaiyil every day - either an uplifting audio message, member success story, guided bitachon experience or practical exercise.

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A  Transformative Experience! - A fun road-map for life

Know where you are - Get where you want to go

Gain tools for self awareness and honest evaluation 

Tap into the secret joy hidden in every situation (yes, even when SHE does THAT)

Experience perfect emunah - in yourself, as well as your husband/child/parent/boss etc.

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What Jewish Women are Saying About Chaiyil

I love this program because being bite sized, its perfect doses of inspiration and motivation. I don't want it to end!.

Chaiyil is helping me live with bitachon through my husband's health crisis. Baruch Hashem we are seeing yeshuos!

You have given me so much. Chaiyil is definitely the best name for this program. It makes me feel like an Eshes Chaiyil!

I am so excited that you decided to continue this because this I feel is having a major impact on my life!!!

I don't want to stop. I get so much out of your classes!

For 15 minutes today my heart was filled with trust in Hashem, for 15 minutes today I did not panic or worry. For 15 minutes today I felt Hashem in my heart and holding my hand. Your talk today filled me with hope that I can get through my challenges that Hashem is with me - He will help me; all I need to do is turn to Him.

I'm loving this series. It's like a jar of chizuk in the computer every morning.

Doing the Chaiyil program adds magic to my day. Of course, it's not really magic. I'm only calling it that only because it's so new and wonderful to me, and I don't really know what it should correctly be called. Whatever it is, it's beautiful and I don't want it to end.

Thank you for your most valuable, meaningful gift of Chaiyil. I absolutely love it!

Baruch Hashem your Chaiyil classes are amazing! My oldest daughter joined also and is loving.

I have gained tremendously from this daily drop of chizuk - seriously an injection in my daily life. I really really enjoy that it is short (b"h i am very busy), gives a powerful message that builds over the week and really keeps me focused and my emunah muscles exercising daily (no time for rusting).

I have done your basic course twice, as well as some of the mini-courses. While I have derived benefit from all the classes, I am experiencing something special this time... the mixture of spoken lectures, visualizations and work sheets really engages a whole person and ties things together.

I don't think I could have gotten through today without hearing your voice of emunah. Thank you

How does it feel knowing that you are changing women's lives throughout the world? Because let me tell you, as soon as I started listening to the Chaiyil classes I saw my life turning around for the better. Thank you today and everyday for the chizuk

Perfect for the busy mother who is interested in doing an avoda of growth..., and doesn't know where to begin... I'm really accomplishing something without feeling overwhelmed.

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